Freelance Revenue Boost Summit

speaker and panelist information

October 4th - 8th, 2021

The summit built for service providers who want to scale, streamline their systems, and increase their revenue.

the speaker and panelist details


October 4th – 8th, 2021

promotional period:

September 20th – October 4th, 2021


We are looking for incredible industry experts and specialists to present on various topics around running and scaling a successful freelance or service-based business.

Selected speakers will submit a 30-45 minute pre-recorded video and for our panelists, the panels will be happening LIVE (at 12 pm EST each day) during the summit.

deadline to apply: july 15, 2021

We will be reviewing all submissions and reaching out to everyone by July 30th to confirm your spot. If you aren’t selected this time around, you’ll still receive an email from us!

all access pass information

While the summit is free for attendees, we are going to have an awesome All-Access Pass + Bundle that includes a bundle of extra goodies from our speakers, plus they will have 1-year access to all presentations, transcripts, a workbook, and more. Free attendees have access for 24 hours only.


Value and Price TBD.


Speakers can earn 50% affiliate commission on purchases.

the panels

a look at the live panels we'll be hosting:

ask a virtual assistant

ask a copywriter

Ask a social media manager

Ask a pinterest manager

Ask a podcast manager

what we'll need from you

for speakers and panelists

1. basic information

To be featured on the website we will need:

– a high-quality headshot

– a bio
– links to your offers
– information on your contribution to the All-Access Pass + Bundle (link, coupon, value, blurb, image, or mockup)
– your presentation topic

This information is required by: August 15th, 2021

2. presentation

All presentations should be pre-recorded and in video format.


30 mins – 45 mins in total length with 5-10 mins at the end for promotion of your freebie or paid offer (will also be linked on your presentation page).


Presentations should be complete and delivered to us by September 1st, 2021.

3. live participation

Live participation is not required by our speakers (our panels for the panelists are LIVE, though!) Speakers and panelists are welcome to join in discussions in the Facebook Group (all presentations for the day are released at 11 am EST) or go live in the attendee Facebook Group to connect with the audience even more.

affiliate details

Speakers and panelists can earn 50% affiliate commission on sales of the All-Access Pass + Bundle offer for attendees. Affiliate commissions are paid out 1 week after the end of the summit, on October 15th, 2021, via PayPal.


Our affiliate portal is through ThriveCart and you will have access to a dashboard with promotion materials, copy, and your affiliate links.

want to join us?

share your knowledge, showcase your expertise, and grow your audience with this incredible virtual summit.

have questions?

The summit is happening October 4th – 8th, 2021.

We’d LOVE for all of our speakers and panelists to promote the event (and make more affiliate income!) but it’s completely up to you how much you want to promote the event to your audience. No requirements, but much appreciated!

Speakers: pre-recorded 30-45 minute video on a specific topic that will help freelancers streamline or scale their business.


Panelists: about 4-6 panelists per session, these will be happening LIVE each day of the summit at 12 pm EST. Once you apply, we’ll confirm your availability for that panel.

We will be reviewing all submissions the last 2 weeks of July, and you will hear from us either way by July 30th, 2021.