October 4th - 8th, 2021

Freelance Revenue Boost Summit

for freelancers, virtual assistants, and service providers

The summit built for service providers who want to scale, streamline their systems, and increase their revenue.

the details


October 4th – 8th, 2021


We have amazing presentations from 20+ incredible industry experts and specialists. These presentations are approximately 30 minutes in length and will be available for 24 hours (they drop every day at 11 am EST). You can purchase an All-Access Pass to have lifetime access to the presentations.

We will also have 1 really awesome LIVE panel each day of the summit where you can ask questions to service providers who are killing it in their field.


We will have a very active and engaging private Facebook group just for summit attendees to connect, network and interact with each other and with the speakers.

all access pass + bundle:

The All-Access Pass + Bundle is packed full of amazing resources from our speakers — memberships, templates, courses, masterclasses, workshops and more.

our guest speakers

Check out our incredible line-up of guest speakers and awesome presentations!

How to Create small offers that your audience will love

Tara Reid

How to Create A Lead Launchpad to Grow A List of Buyers

Lindsey Aleson

Make Your Business Run Like a Lamborghini

Mike Mahony

Grow Your Business Through Outsourcing

Bianca Smith

How simplifying your business is key to scaling with success

Rachel Aiken

How to be a great leader & manager of your team

Jessica Marin

How to plan your time for maximum results

Jodi Graham

The Foundations of a Lead Generating Website

Polly Sla


Nicole Liloia

How to Create Your Business Plan
(so you can scale your digital product revenue)

Destini Copp

The 3 types of client generating activities to focus on

Lucille Roache

Sales Funnels, Automation, Oh my!

Dianne Shelton

Scale by doing less, BEING more you!

Susie Tucker

Luxe CEO Mindset

Shayla Boyd-Gill

The Lazy Way to Calm Chaos and Slay Productivity

Brentney Parks

How to Experience Growth as a VA without Burning Out

Patrick Mabilog

The power of Instagram in building raving fans

Cat Griffin

Kick Automation To the Curb: Save time and money while building an experience your clients crave!

Shawnee O'Connell

How to scale your service-based business with an agency model

Stephanie Blake


Nicole Kepic

How to Create the Perfect High Ticket Offer

Adriane Galea

Scaling your business as a multipassionate entrepreneur

Danielle Uhl

are you ready to

take your freelance business to the next level?

the live panels

Lindsey Aleson

Bianca Smith

Bri Sanford

Reme Mancera

Christine Damian

ask a virtual assistant panel

Monday, October 4th at 12 PM EST

Elaine Timms

Addie Gray

Sandra Stanisa

Camille Kurtenbach

ask a pinterest manager panel

Tuesday, October 5th at 12 PM EST

Floralee Davidson

Sydney Chase

Whitney Zamiar

Victoria House

ask a social media manager panel

Wednesday, October 6th at 12 PM EST

Jenny Suneson

Brittany Ashley

Lauren Wrighton

AdeOla Fadumiye

ask a podcast manager panel

Thursday, October 7th at 12 PM EST

are you ready to

take your freelance business to the next level?

have questions?

You’ll receive an email each day with links to the presentation pages, as well as a Zoom link for the LIVE panel. Transcripts are also provided for each presentation.

You’ll have 24 hours to watch each day’s presentations. You can also upgrade to a VIP All-Access Pass to get lifetime replay access and early access to all of the presentations.

Ah so much value! Lifetime replay access to all of the presentations, early access to all of the presentations on the first day of the summit and over $2,000 worth of resources from our incredible speakers and panelists. Check out all of the details right here!

The live panels are happening each day of the summit at 12 PM EST and will be around an hour in length.

Please reach out to the team at hello@introvert-coach.com and we are happy to help!